Please click on the market member names below to read about their arts & crafts:

Alba Lombana Ovalle
Alex & Ana Semeleer
Aline Brummel
Angel Gonzales Munoz
Animal Shelter Bonaire
Ans Klein Heerenbrink
Betty & Pablo Sojo
Charlene Bosch
Clasita Emerenciana
Daan Strijker
Diana Winklaar
Dion & Cees Doelman
Dianir & Sipke Stapert
Dymphie Bux
Erick Nicholson
Foundation Donkeys Help
Jannie & Hans Koning
Jody's music
Jose Smit
Judith Spierings
Juliana Piar
Lize Singosemito
Luz Aida Wesselius Franco
Marco Di Gianvito
Maria Lopez
Maria Salsbach
Martina & Eugene Marinus
Marjolein Verhoef
Mena Ruiz Wolff
Mira Mann
Mirca Vriend
Mylene Oudejans
Sara Goicochea
Ulrike Kern Winter
Vanessa Peralta
Veronica Anthony
Wil & Sue Heemskerk
Art & Craft Market Bonaire
Visit and enjoy the most unique market in The Caribbean.

The Bonaire Art and Craft Market really is a unique experience, because it is exactly what it says: A genuine Art and Craft Market offering local and handmade products, food, music and a fantastic ambiance.

If you have travelled to other Caribbean islands, or if you are arriving on Bonaire on a cruise ship, you will know that in the markets you keep seeing the same things! If you look underneath them, they all have something in common - where they were made; usually nowhere near where you are standing.

We are proud to be able to say that in our market the majority of items that you will see offered are original hand-made on Bonaire. Most of the market stands contain only items made by the person selling them.

Next to the art & craft market schedule and news this website points out our dedicated market members and their fantastic products. We invite you to click thru the different pages on this site and learn to know the products and the people behind the Bonaire Art & Craft Association.

There are nearly 40 individual tents, selling - among other things - Paintings - Oil and Watercolour - Jewellery - Photographs - Driftwood Art - String Art - T-shirts - Natural Soaps - Body scrubs and Bonaire Sea Salt.

While you are walking around you hear a variety of Caribbean style music and you can buy local and international CDs and DVDs while enjoying the taste of local snacks and soft drinks.

As they say in the song - Don't Worry - Be Happy: No-one is going to pressure you to buy anything. Please stop by the different tents, learn about the products and if you need any help or advice about finding somewhere or something, please just ask.

Enjoy your visit on our beautiful Bonaire, and make the most of the Unique Experience that is the Bonaire Art and Craft Market.

Bonaire Art & Craft Association (c) 2012-2013
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All photos and artwork are displayed wih the permission of artist. Copyright maintained by originators. Copying without express permission is not allowed.
Art & Craft Market Bonaire